Travel Sickness and Flight Anxiety

I have several clients who have eliminated or dramatically improved their travel related discomfort by receiving BodyTalk sessions.

Why am I so anxious?

All of us have an automatic process which learns from and creates adaptive responses to our life experiences. We learn at an accelerated rate before age 5, and then continue to learn throughout life. The things that we learn can’t be manipulated and changed by our ”thinking” mind. Rather, they become automatic responses to keep us safe when we encounter certain sensory stimulus or thoughts in the future. Being automatic – you can’t just “wish” your way out of these responses. Anxiety is an adaptive response to be hyper-vigilant in perceived dangerous situations.

Travel sickness and anxiety

People who experience travel nausea or heightened anxiety have created these specific responses from life experiences. Fortunately, we can use BodyTalk to turn these responses off and travel comfortably without nausea or anxiety. Techniques in PaRama BodyTalk and BodyTalk help to restore more functional travel responses instead of the learned nausea or anxiety responses.

Memories and Beliefs

BodyTalk sessions address how your body and mind respond to memories of past experiences. Your learned responses to travel – both actual experience or fears instilled by other well-meaning people can be turned off, allowing you to travel without discomfort. BodyTalk can help you dis-empower crippling belief systems around travel. Beliefs that; “planes are dangerous”; “strangers are not safe”; “I just know I am going to have an accident!”; are a small sampling of crippling beliefs that can sabotage your travel. BodyTalk can unwind these beliefs to allow you to enjoy your trip.


Our senses are largely the result of interpretation – NOT sensory stimulus from our sense organs. 70 – 90% of the reality we perceive is created in our mind from past experiences. This process allows us to respond rapidly to our changing environment, however, it can be uncomfortable in the case of sensory input that is interpreted as being unreasonably dangerous. BodyTalk sessions can address how you interpret and integrate your senses to allow a less scary and urgent interpretation about your travel environment.

Time Released Sessions

BodyTalk can be “stored” in areas of your brain to run at critical times during travel to counteract thoughts and sensory alarms as they occur. This is an amazing benefit that allows you to calmly experience travel without discomfort.
If you would like to try BodyTalk as a safe approach to improving your travel experience, give me a call at 406-529-2190. I’ll be happy to help you start your journey to better health and enjoyable travel.
Joel Lankford, CBP, PaRamaBP