It was around the third week in August when I began to feel the first twinges of anxiety as I had around this time every year for almost as long as I could remember.  Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) again, I thought.  By mid-September I would feel fatigued and distant; by October I would feel like I was sleepwalking through my life.  I had come to greatly dislike and dread the fall season.
I made an appointment with Joel to see if Body Talk could make even a small difference for me.
It made ALL the difference! Imagine my surprise when Joel discovered that this was not SAD at all, but the anniversary of a very old trauma that was causing my symptoms.  He navigated my issue with skill, expertise, and compassion, ending the decades-long anxiety, fatigue, sleepwalk feeling and dread that fall had always brought.  The shift came fairly soon and it lasted!  The following summer I flowed into fall wide awake with energy, enthusiasm, and joy.
I have found Joel to be an excellent Body Talk Practitioner.  He is very easy to work with and is someone who is committed to helping me have the best quality of life possible.

TS, Missoula

Thrown from a horse over 25 years ago resulting in a sacral fracture injury, I lived with recurring pain that often radiated to my hip and shoulder. After an MRI and consultations with two different orthopedists, the suggested course of therapy was lumbar epidural steroid injections (steroid injections directly into the spinal canal to be administered in a surgical setting). Concerned about the side effects of nerve damage, tissue damage, infection and excessive bleeding, I chose to live with the pain and attempt to control the inflammation with Ibuprofen. It wasn’t working and I was in pain frequently with the inability to sit in a chair or drive in a car for any length of time. As I aged, it just got worse.

I am a Bachelor’s Degree RN nursing student in my senior year, and last semester my course of study included a class in complementary and alternative medicine. For an assignment, I was to have a session of Body Talk and report to the class on my experience. I am a traditionally trained, conservative woman in my 50’s and truly believed Body Talk was just another “weird” way for people to make money at the expense of patients in pain. I was completely wrong. After one session with Joel my pain was relieved tremendously and after three sessions the pain ceased. It’s important to note, that once in awhile I have “flare-ups” after sitting for long periods of time during school lectures, however I am able to relieve the pain with exercises and other modalities Joel taught me. If you are reading this and would like to talk with a real patient who has a complicated orthopedic injury and no longer lives with pain due to Body Talk, please let Joel know and I will be happy to talk with you about my experience. It’s very hard to believe Body Talk could actually relieve pain from a serious orthopedic injury, but it’s true.

Karen Thornburg, 12/10/2015

I’ve used BodyTalk as an adjunct treatment to support psychotherapy, whole-body wellness, and become more aware of how my body feels and works.  Joel’s BodyTalk sessions are gentle and individually tailored in the safe, comfortable environment at Red Willow.

TM, 2015

After spending two months is a hospital dealing with various heart issues, seizures and an aneurysm I was sent home weak, exhausted and not very hopeful.  I could not walk to the gate or up the stairs.  After only a few sessions with Joel I left the dark side of the moon to emerge with hope for a healthier future. His training as a body talk professional as well as his intuitive nature has helped me return to a healthier existence. I don’t know how it works but I am proof that it does. I now walk daily, play with the grandkids, feel stronger every day and stand in the light of a full moon. Thank you Joel for your continued help.

CG, 1/4/2016

I had heard of Body talk for many years before my life stated to unravel and I looked to seek help for myself with Joel. Literally everything I had felt were the pillars of my life, were taken down one by one, with the death of my sibling and best friend.
I had heard that death can bring out the best and worst in families, this death tore my life apart. As a result, through death, i was able see with honesty and clarity the true level of abuse and neglect that
was prevalent in my family that I had long since ignored. I now faced a life of choosing to continue the myth, or face my fears and move away from abuse, alone.  With Joel, I was, and continue to, shift.

Huge shifts, life defining shifts, that allow me to move away from unhealthy relationships with in my family and others as well, but not in anger, but rather with an integrated perspective and clarity. Joel’s respect for my process and willingness to work with me to go deeper, helped me face the depth of grief that I experienced with the
loss of my sibling, and the choice to move away from abuse.  Joel has been gifted and surprised me over and over with his ability to help me through this process.  He was able to get to fundamental issues and beliefs that no longer served me and helped me move towards the person I want to be. The work that Joel and I were able to do will effect me for the rest of my life, and really my children’s lives too.

A heart felt Thanks Joel,

SP, Missoula