Learning and Behavior Disorders

Parents are concerned with the health and well-being of their children.  Learning and behavior disabilities, including attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, Autism, and other learning disorders, have all grown dramatically in the last two decades.  Many causes are proposed for this phenomenon – a common thread is an increase in exposure to potential causative agents.

If you have looked through my comments about other growing chronic health problems, you will sense that the crux of these health issues is not strictly biochemical.  The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study by Kaiser Permanente and the US CDC on a very large population of test subjects leads us to conclude that chronic health and behavior problems and subsequent health risks are largely related to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). (I will not go into the ACE Study in this article)

The greater our children’s exposure to stressful experiences, the less resilient they become to food allergies, have less ability to concentrate and stay on task, have less ability to manage anger and fear, and become less resilient to exposure to medications, viruses and other micro-organisms.  What happens in our thoughts and experiences has a direct impact on our innate Healing Response.  Our environment, experiences, genetic makeup, toxic exposures, and emotions can all short circuit the body’s ability to communicate.  This happens when the frequency or toxicity of the exposures increase sharply.  The dramatically increased exposure to these toxic stimulants overwhelms our inborn Healing Response.  When this happens, our natural ability to be resilient is also short circuited and we begin to exhibit symptoms – which sometimes do not respond to regular medical therapy.  We simply are unable to deploy the resources provided by standard therapy and don’t respond as we should.

In the case of persistent learning disorders, BodyTalk sessions or acupuncture usually results in the ability to rebalance our systems, make better use of standard medical therapy and the ability to heal from learning disorders.

Children are particularly responsive to BodyTalk sessions.  We might focus on exposure to adverse events, substances, inherited tendencies, basic metabolic balance, emotional or sensory overload, memories or create specific programs to address learning problems as they occur.

Summer time is a great time to address school related issues because the stress of attendance and success at school has been put on hold.

BodyTalk is non-invasive and non-toxic and works well with all current therapies – indeed – it increases the effectiveness of these excellent therapies.

If you would like to try BodyTalk as a safe approach to addressing learning disorders, give me a call at 406-529-2190.  I’ll be happy to help you address your child’s learning and attention problems and improve their response to their current therapy.

Joel Lankford, CBP, PaRamaBP