Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I have noticed a concerning trend in complaints of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and food allergies. These maladies can completely disrupt and take over your life! If you are a sufferer, you know that these are NOT trivial problems. Drug companies advertise new medications on television to address your digestive discomfort … with a long list of alarming side effects.

My experience has led me to believe that many digestive disorders are not well addressed by medications alone because the fundamental reason for our susceptibility to digestive disorders and food sensitivities is not biochemical – it is the result of our accumulated life experience. The biochemical imbalances are real, but they come later in life after a long process.

Our digestive and immune systems are very sensitive to our thoughts, emotions and senses. We create an automatic and dramatic response to foods based on our experiences with food or digestion processes.

It is important to understand that your illness is NOT imaginary! Your immune, neurologic and digestive response to sensory experiences, emotions and other experiences can be truly pathological. The mistake we make is assuming that we only have a biochemical issue. We really have a sensory-emotional issue that triggers our immune system, hormones or autonomic nervous system to misbehave to the point of self-destruction.

Long-term relief from digestive disorders can be achieved through balancing your immune system, microbiome, nervous system, emotions and belief systems. BodyTalk is a non-toxic therapy which has been shown to be effective at addressing long-term digestive ailments. BodyTalk is perfectly compatible with standard medical therapy – in fact it will enhance the effectiveness of drug therapy. I have seen very good success with food allergies and digestive disorders with BodyTalk sessions.

Food sensitivities and digestive disorders are complex problems. It is also important to include food selection, prebiotics, probiotics, ability to absorb nutrients, other toxins that may support digestive ailments and all of the other health issues that come with your digestive complaint.

If you would like to try BodyTalk for your digestive disorder, either as a stand-alone or supportive therapy to your current standard medical therapy, please give me a call at 529-2190 to schedule an appointment.

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