How We Heal


BodyTalk and How We Heal

The remarkable thing about healing is how ordinary it is. All people, indeed all organisms, are equipped with a fabulous capacity to self-detect and self-heal all manner of injury and illness. This is our healing response.

We lose our ability to heal ourselves when we are overwhelmed in some fashion. For example, we often get sick if we are exposed to toxic substances, pathogenic organisms, receive a physical injury, or receive persistent emotional or sensory shocks.  Our body mind’s ability to heal is overwhelmed, we lose our resilience and we become ill.

In almost all cases, we are temporarily uncomfortable, but our body mind quickly discovers what the problem is and goes about the business of fixing it.  This happens without our involvement or knowledge. It’s really a nice feature!

However, there has been a marked increase in chronic illnesses over the last 40 years which does not seem to yield to this innate ability to self-heal or standard medical therapy. Many people have lost resilience to trigger the innate healing response that we rely on to keep us healthy.

Both emotional imbalance and unhealthy belief systems are invariably at the core of all chronic illness from which human beings suffer. Indeed, there is a large body of evidence which shows a strong correlation between the stress of the body mind and your mental and physical health.

Balancing consciousness, senses, emotions, and belief systems is fundamental to healing chronic disease. Many of my clients have seen substantial improvement or reversal of repetitive microbial infections, musculoskeletal complaints, mental-emotional distress, digestive complaints, allergies, chronic fatigue, and pain from all sources.

BodyTalk can help you regain your innate ability to heal. It is useful as a stand-alone therapy or to improve the efficacy of standard medical therapy.  Of course, this is an over-simplification of the application of BodyTalk, but it’s a good description of the principles of healing and BodyTalk.

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