Healing Modalities

Body Talk

BodyTalk is a modality that is focused on broken or conflicting communication and consciousness in the client’s body-mind. We rely on the normal, innate ability of all organisms to self-regulate and self-repair. Unfortunately, we frequently find ourselves with far more challenges to our health than our body-mind can address. This creates a communication/consciousness traffic jam – leading to the development of illness and degeneration.

A BodyTalk session establishes a link to the client’s innate consciousness. From that link, we discover the client’s priority health issues and the associated communication traffic jam that needs to be addressed. We establish and implement formulas to return the client to a healthy balance in their body-mind.

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PaRama BodyTalk is Powerful BodyTalk!!

PaRama BodyTalk Practitioners have specialized training to address stubborn chronic conditions; complex emotional issues; severe allergies and food intolerances and other difficult chronic conditions. Stubborn maladies require BodyTalk formulas that repeat and interactively change through time pushing the BodyMind toward addressing health issues the moment they arrive.

What sort of BodyTalk is PaRama BodyTalk?

PaRama formulas are run by the most powerful and sophisticated computer in the brain – the prefrontal cortex. Many formulas run at night to take advantage of the brain’s maximum computing power. A PaRama Practitioner may help you establish formulas to fragment or defragment information in your unconscious mind. That information can then be reevaluated, recontextualized and reprioritized to function more effectively as it is integrated into your BodyMind. Formulas are designed to be dynamically interactive with sensory triggers, memory triggers, emotions and other stimulus as they occur through time. PaRama Practitioners are also able to help you to integrate structural and functional corrections to your health. All of this work is specifically directed by your own innate intellegence – based on what your individual priorities are for regaining your health.

PaRama Practitioners help you run your BodyTalk formulas in the best time setting – either when the issues occur – or at night when you are asleep.

PaRama formulas typically run over an extended time period and, as such, you will find that your awareness of your health issues will change with time.

Is PaRama BodyTalk safe with other therapies?

PaRama is very safe and can be tailored to complement any other medical therapy to improve your overall outcome. There are no reported side effects or contraindications of either BodyTalk or PaRama BodyTalk and neither therapy manipulates your body nor introduces drugs or other foreign substances into your BodyMind.

Who is qualified to do PaRama BodyTalk?

Practitioners who have trained in PaRama BodyTalk comprise about 10% of all BodyTalk Practitioners. You can visit the International BodyTalk Association web site at www.bodytalksystem.com for practitioner credentials. I completed my training in PaRama BodyTalk in January 2017.

Body Ecology

PaRama BodyTalk and BodyTalk sessions can be tailored to address Body Ecology issues. The health of our gut, barrier epithelium, Microbiome and immune system all play a determinant role in our physical, mental and emotional health. Autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, panic attacks, chronic depression, chronic pain and mental fog all have a strong relationship to our gut and how our immune system works with the microorganisms that help us live our lives. A BodyTalk session can reorient all of these systems to eliminate distress and dysfunction.


Accunect is a gentle and direct energetic modality based on Chinese Medicine which allows your body-mind to find its most effective point of balance. Accunect is very powerful and shows up in almost every session that I do with clients.


Reiki is another powerful energetic modality centered around channeling Reiki energy from the environment through the practitioner and to the client. The client’s Healing Response automatically uses the new energy to provide support to body-mind systems that require healing.

Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Massage

The Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Massage is a gentle energetic therapy that moves an energetic force through the fluids in your body and creates a vacuum draw toward the lymph nodes and spleen. Unlike physical lymphatic massage, the practitioner does not use strokes on the clients body and lymphatic system – but rather uses energy to move interstitial fluids and move lymph toward the nodes and spleen.

Fascial Energetics

Fascial energetics involved the release of energy that has become trapped in the fascia that surrounds all of the tissues in your body. The causes of this stuck energy may be emotional, chemical, microbial or other consciousness factors. The energy stuck in fascia will cause pain, lack of motion, poor performance, and mental emotional problems. When released, Most clients experience a dramatic improvement in range of motion, strength, pain and the mental turmoil that accompanies poorly functioning body parts.