Emotional Pain for the Holidays!

Many people dread the holidays!  Past experiences have left them with emotional trauma that replays over and over again – making the holidays a literal torture season.  The whole experience can be excruciating and painful – and seems to be difficult to avoid!

Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer these emotional difficulties for the rest of your life!  I use a number of techniques in BodyTalk to alleviate these emotional difficulties – however, I’d like to describe a different technique that I acquired recently and invite you to try it out. The technique is called Tipi.

Tipi is a French research program developed by Luc Nicon, a pedagogy researcher and expert in behavioral communication.
Luc Nicon is recognized all across Europe for research identifying a natural capacity present in all of us, which allows us to re-experience our emotional difficulties through physical sensations which regulates them permanently.

Based on his discovery, Nicon developed several protocols for emotional regulation. These protocols are very efficient to resolve conditions such as depression, PTSD, fear, anxiety, anger, and grief, among others (

After a car accident or the break-up of a relationship, we are likely to experience heightened emotions. It can feel like they will never end. Yet eventually the emotion resolves itself naturally. One day we find ourselves driving without a second thought or madly in love with another person.

However, for some circumstances, this natural ability may be blocked.

Researchers such as Bruce McEwen, Jean Pierre Changeux and Joseph Ledoux have also observed that loss of consciousness and very intense fears have been associated as the cause of disruptive emotional patterns and long-standing traumas.

Our body stores the memory of the felt sensations leading to a moment of loss of consciousness or extreme fear (eg. suffocation, heart rate increase, knot in the stomach). When we experience an emotional difficulty, those same sensations instantaneously resurface. Nicon found that consciously re-experiencing these sensations allows emotional blockages to be integrated and resolved – permanently.

An unwanted pattern is deactivated when the event that created it is relived through sensations without mental interference. With Tipi we look for, find, and re-experience the root of a fear or behavioral pattern through physical sensations and not through intellectual analysis. By giving attention to these physical sensations and how they shift, a natural and permanent regulation takes place.

A critical benefit of this work is the ability to resolve long-standing traumas and emotional patterns without emotionally re-activating the patient.

Tipi sessions rarely need to exceed 30 minutes to obtain a complete and permanent resolution of an emotional difficulty.

Currently, Tipi is widely used by nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists in France, Germany, USA, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

What happens during a Session?

  1. A free assessment over the phone: I will let you know how to get ready for the session and answer any question that you might have. – 15 minutes.
  2. The actual Tipi session – 30 minutes.
  3. Follow up on the session – 45 minutes.


Tipi Sessions can be done in person or on the phone or Skype.


I will guide you through the steps to “sensorially re-live” a situation that triggered a recurrent, unwanted emotion or reaction. I will then help you connect to your sensory memory in order for the body to be able to regulate an “emotional block”.
You will be 100% conscious during the whole session. No private details or personal history is shared during the process.
A critical benefit of this technique is the ability to resolve long-standing traumas and unwanted emotional patterns without emotional re-activation.

Why should you choose Tipi:

Efficiency: Resolve specific difficulties in one 30 minute session.

Respect: No emotional resurfacing during the session;
— Natural process that respects your biological and emotional integrity;
— Fewer fears for better control of your life.

Convenience: Sessions can be done in person, or on the phone.

If you would like to learn more about using Tipi to release disturbing emotional responses, give me a call at 406-529-2190.

Let’s get you on the road to better health.

Joel Lankford, CBP, PaRamaBP