Viruses & Bacterial Infections

Viral infections are one of the most common ailments in the United States and yet simultaneously a type of illness for which modern medicine has few or poor remedies. Most medical practices struggle to assist patients with viral infections including the common cold, entero viruses, and influenza. Frequently, the best remedy available is management of symptoms, plenty of fluids and time. Management of bacterial infections relies upon administration of powerful antibiotics which are usually effective as an agent against the bacteria but inevitably have a powerful impact on other organisms in the human biome with unintended and unwanted consequences.

The BodyTalk system has a simple yet revolutionary approach to viruses and bacteria. BodyTalk relies on the inherent ability of all people to detect and destroy or neutralize microorganisms. Our immune systems are particularly successful at identifying and fighting pathological foreign organisms. In fact, throughout our entire lives, we successfully defend ourselves against viruses, bacteria, funguses, and parasites without our knowledge or involvement. We don’t realize it – but our immune system is fabulously successful at doing its job – almost all of the time.

A healthy reaction to a virus or bacterial infection is fever, in order to burn off the microbe. But, if someone’s system is already overwhelmed and does not react with a fever, a microbe may remain latent in the body or rapidly replicate causing illnesses and even autoimmune disorders.

The BodyTalk system reestablishes lines of communication within the body that have been blocked due to exposure to the viruses, day-to-day stresses and other factors that can break down the normal effectiveness of the immune system. With the priorities and communications of the body reestablished, our own innate healing ability then mobilizes mechanisms to address the viruses were bacteria with the correct timing and sequence for each person.

BodyTalk has a remarkable track record in working with clients to manage viruses and bacteria, particularly when applied as soon after symptoms present as possible.

I hope to see you as soon as possible after symptoms appear to help you get over your virus as quickly as possible.