Sports & Performance Issues

As an athlete, I have experienced the disappointment of long, hard training for an event at which I simply – choked!! Most athletes have experienced a choke performance of some sort – whether it is a mental lapse, a previously unknown physical injury, unbelievable bad luck – etc. etc.

Performance “choking” also extends to theater, music performance, speaking engagements or performance in front of a business or social group. The “choke” is well known and feared by pretty much everyone.

BodyTalk sessions can address assimilation of nutrients, hydration, injuries, performance anxiety, brain chemistry and fine tuning of your performance – athletic or other! We can also establish time-released sessions that can be stored in the brain and released right on time during your performance.

If you have irritating performance issues, you might want to try BodyTalk to get to the root cause of your “choke” performances.