Learning Disorders

All parents are concerned with the health and well-being of their children. Learning disabilities, including attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, Autism, and other learning disorders, have all grown dramatically in the last two decades. Many causes are proposed for this increase – but a common thread is that all of the proposed root causes represent tremendous change and increase in exposure to potential causative agents.

If you have looked through my comments about other growing chronic health problems, you will sense that the crux of all of these growing issues is not strictly a biochemical issue. Emotional issues, food allergies, behavioral deficits, susceptibility to viruses and bacteria all have a substantial component that involves our innate Healing Response. Our environment, experiences, genetic makeup, toxic exposures, and emotions can all short circuit the body’s ability to communicate between all of the different systems. This happens when the frequency or toxicity of the exposures increase sharply. The dramatically increased exposure to these toxic stimulants overwhelms our inborn Healing Response. When this happens, our natural ability to be resilient is also short circuited and we begin to exhibit symptoms – which sometimes do not respond to regular medical therapy.

In the case of persistent learning disorders, reestablishment of these lines of communication usually results in the ability to rebalance our systems, make better use of standard medical therapy and the ability to heal from our learning disorders.

BodyTalk is non-invasive and non-toxic and works well with all current therapies – indeed – it increases the effectiveness of these excellent therapies.

If your child suffers from learnings disorders or persistent infections I suggest you investigate BodyTalk as a solution.

Irritable bowel syndrome and food allergies

There is an explosion of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and food allergies in America. Drug companies advertise new medications on television with a long list of alarming side effects to address your digestive discomfort.

Long-term relief from digestive disorders can be achieved through balancing your immune system, micro biome, nervous system, emotions and belief systems. I have specific training in BodyTalk techniques that are designed to balance your digestive issues and put you on the road to health.  BodyTalk is a non-toxic therapy which has been shown to be effective at addressing these long-term digestive ailments.

If you would like to try BodyTalk for your digestive disorder, either as a stand-alone therapy or a supportive therapy to your current standard medical therapy, please give me a call at 529-2190 to schedule a BodyTalk appointment.

Endocrine Problems – Thyroid, Adrenals and Pancreas – Oh My!!

Hormones help our nervous systems run the business of our bodies. Our endocrine system secretes just the right amount of a host of hormones – all designed to keep us in balanced and running like a fine tuned machine.

Of – at least that is how it is supposed to happen.

Events in your live can put your endocrine system badly out of whack – like menopause, stressful emotional events, exposure to significant infectious diseases, auto-immune diseases and other triggers. When we are over exposed to harmful environments, the result is often that our Healing Response is damaged. We are unable to re-balance our bodies – and , in this case, our endocrine system creates hormones that are not suitable for the optimal functioning of our bodies.

BodyTalk has specific protocols that address emotions, body chemistry (including hormones) and endocrine glands to re-establish balance and communication to your endocrine system.

If you have an endocrine issue and are not satisfied with your current level of health, BodyTalk can usually improve your health. BodyTalk works with standard medical therapy by optimizing your body’s response to the therapy – making it more effective.