Chronic Conditions


Pain, who needs it?
Whether you suffer from migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis or tendinitis, an important factor of a long-term solution to your discomfort is to address the balancing of your innate ability to recover from your illness.

Taking analgesics may provide short-term relief from pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs may stop the inflammatory process and reduce your pain while you take the drug. Unfortunately, these therapies are targeted toward symptom relief and not your fundamental inability to recover and eliminate the source of your pain. They are great to help you feel better, but do not address your disease process.

BodyTalk sessions will address the factors which combine to make you vulnerable to the pain that you experience. A BodyTalk session may address memories, emotions, the flow of blood, cerebrospinal fluid, or nerve information, your immune system or a number of other important factors which support your chronic pain.

Chronic Fatigue and Fibromialgia

Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia ultimately stem from stress. They are a sign of the exponential development of stressors in the late 20th and 21st centuries. We have created an explosion of electromagnetic frequencies that interfere with the micro electrical impulses in our nervous system. We are overwhelmed by 24 hour news streams that feed fearful and hateful images into our Limbic Brain, we are awash in processed foods, food additives, GMO’s artificial sweeteners, and massive overuse of sugar in all its myriad forms.

In small doses, our bodies can detect and adapt to all of these issues easily with our Healing Response. However, the growth in exposure has been exponential and has overwhelmed our Healing response.

Chronic pain and Fibromyalgia are both very complex issues with specific drivers for each different person. However, a skilled BodyTalk practitioner is able to approach all of the individual and specific issues with the proper context and priority to reestablish communication and the proper functioning of your Healing Response. Once you are re-balanced, your normal Healing Response will repair damage and symptoms will resolve.


Arthritis affects millions of Americans – and unfortunately, standard therapy is sometimes not as effective as we would wish. Arthritis has complex root causes – which are addressed in a BodyTalk session.

BodyTalk can address the consciousness of a joint, the buildup of uric acid in a joint, hydration, lymphatic drainage, inflammatory response, emotions, fascia and other issues related to your personal case of arthritis.

As in most other afflictions, the cause of arthritis is often related to your Healing Response – which has been damaged in some fashion and is simply not doing its job. Addressing priority issues will rebalance your body and allow your Healing Response to work as intended – addressing your arthritis and other issues.

The other good news is that BodyTalk is not contraindicated with your current therapy. BodyTalk will help your body to use your current therapy more effectively and even deal with some of the side effects of your medications more effectively.Type your paragraph here.