Cold & Flu Season

The War on “Germs”

We have been led to believe that exposure to microbes is fundamentally unhealthy and to be avoided with almost any method available.  We deploy chemical cleaners, alter the genetic code of organisms and consume antibiotics at a higher rate than any other society on earth.  These tactics have value – but when applied without thought can have dramatic, unintended consequences.  In reality, leading a balanced, well ordered life is the very best strategy to avoid or recover from the infectious diseases we encounter in the U.S.

Overuse of cleaning solvents:

A clean environment is essential to reduce infections; however, harsh cleaning solvents can cause injury to cells and immune function and destruction of organisms that are indispensable to skin, digestive and immune health.  Studies demonstrate that scrubbing with plain old soap – when done properly – is the most effective, least toxic way to clean your environment.  Alcohol based cleaners and chemically toxic cleaners should be reserved for specific circumstances.

Antibiotic Usage:

Antibiotic medications are a tremendous resource, but antibiotics also destroy organisms that are indispensable to your skin, immune, and digestive systems.  Elimination of these organisms sometimes makes us either unreactive or hyper reactive to microbes. Most infections will be solved by your immune system if given time, hydration, removal of food source and rest.  Work with your doctor on alternative means to solve infections.  Antibiotics are sometimes indicated and important – but don’t push your doctor to prescribe an antibiotic.  He or she will know when it is important.

Microbial resilience:

The key to microbial resilience is proper nutrition, good hydration, sound sleep, recovery from stressors, good blood flow and a well-functioning immune system.  Your own body is the very best tool to avoid and recover from infections. Staying consistent with rest, exercise, nutrition, hydration, and stress reduction are the best defense in cold & Flu season.  It is also important to (1) avoid people who are infected and contagious, (2) cover you own coughs, and (3) stay HOME when you are sick.

BodyTalk is effective with immunity

BodyTalk works with the normal healing process that your bodymind uses.  A BodyTalk session can enhance blood flow, improve hydration, relieve stress, and re-balance your immune system.   Your session can be tailored to compliment and maximize the effect of other therapies.

If you would like to try BodyTalk as a safe approach to colds or the Flu, give me a call at 406-529-2190.  I’ll be happy to help you start your journey to better health.

Joel Lankford, CBP, PaRamaBP