Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

If you suffer from migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, back pain or other chronic pain, you will need to address the balancing of your innate ability to recover from your pain.

Anti-inflammatory drugs may stop the inflammation process and reduce your pain while you take the drug. Narcotics unhook the neurologic response to the pain stimulus. These therapies are targeted toward symptom relief, not your inability to recover and eliminate the source of your pain. They are great to help you feel better, but do not address the process that drives the chronic pain you experience.

Chronic pain occurs when the original injury that created the pain cycle has healed but the pain you experience continues and sometimes actually increases! The chronic pain that you experience is not an illusion but is part of a very complex way that your body and mind protects itself against future injury and illness. Pain is a common message to STOP!, RUN AWAY!, CEASE & DESIST!

However, when pain becomes chronic, it is really miserable!

Human beings learn lessons from their injuries and store those lessons for future reference to avoid future pain and injury. The lesson that we learn regarding injury is invariably associated with sensory or emotional triggers creating permanent changes in our immune system, neurologic system, our Microbiome or our gut.

Unfortunately, relatively normal circumstances in our lives can now trigger a dramatic response from these learned programs that the brain interprets as severe chronic pain. The pain is quite real! BodyTalk can retrain your body & mind so that you can heal and leave your chronic pain behind.

BodyTalk sessions will address the formative factors which combine to make you vulnerable to pain. Many clients experience immediate relief and then a reduction in pain over time as the causative agents of chronic pain are addressed.
It’s important to know that chronic pain responds BEST to multiple, coordinated modalities including standard medical therapy. I can work with you to find additional therapies that are effective to reduce your body’s response to chronic pain.

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