Auto Immune Issues

Americans are experiencing a dramatic increase of autoimmune illnesses.  Crohn’s disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, Addison’s disease, Type 2 diabetes, Grave’s disease, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and food allergies are a partial list of maladies that are related to your body’s immune response.

How did I develop this problem?

There is a constellation of factors that contribute to creation and support of autoimmune diseases.  Factors include disruption of body ecology, dysfunction of the innate immune system, T and B cell abnormalities, exposure to heavy metals and dioxins, exposure to hormone emulators, glutathione deficiency, diets that are overbalanced toward starches and sugars – and more.  Genetic predisposition is a strong indicator of susceptibility to immune disorders.  Finally, your emotional response to stressors – particularly repeated stressors – contribute to the development of autoimmunity.  Current research indicates that any one of these factors is usually not sufficient for the development of autoimmunity – rather, a combination of these factors is needed to finally trigger and support an autoimmune response.

Conventional thought

Suppression of symptoms of autoimmune disease is important to slow tissue destruction and dysfunction.  Elimination of triggers or toxins is important to reduce triggering agents that are essential to autoimmunity.  Unfortunately, these interventions are usually not sufficient to arrest continuation of your problem. Your immune system is extraordinarily dynamic, changing its response to your environment continuously. Autoimmunity adapts your immune system to create “programs” to attack your own tissues.  Reducing symptoms and toxins will slow the progression of the problem – but you also need to encourage your immune system to stop running the destructive programs that define autoimmunity.

The role of BodyTalk

BodyTalk sessions address how your body and mind respond to toxins, microbes, fundamental nutrients and the learned responses of the immune system. It is important to address stressors and emotions to allow your immune system to re-balance and re-program itself.  We can address the function of innate immunity, B Cells, T Cells, lymphatic flow, sensory stimulus, memories and emotions and your microbiome to affect what your immune system perceives as dangerous and toxic – and what is not.

Time Released Sessions

BodyTalk can be programmed to run at critical times to allow your immune system to recognize the need to re-program its response to your environment as it perceives a particular stimulus.  This is an amazing benefit that allows you to erode your autoimmune response and regain your health.

If you would like to try BodyTalk as a safe approach to improving your Immune System, give me a call at 406-529-2190.  I’ll be happy to help you start your journey to better health.

Joel Lankford, CBP, PaRamaBP